Friday, May 20, 2016


Somewhere between the ebb and flow of the last few days I managed to snap a few pictures. Lots of wonderful opportunities were missed because I was experiencing them first-hand. Lots of wonderful scenes with family weren't recorded because the moment would have been spoiled by trying to find a good angle to capture it without scaring it away. That wonderful smile that you have? The really good one. It changes when you know someone has a camera pointed at you. You may think you're using the same muscles... but it just isn't the same. So my apologies to everyone represented and not represented here. The best snapshots live in our memories


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  1. Welcome to the spinning world, Lucina <3 such a perfect, beautiful baby girl, a brave and amazing mommy and a daddy who lets his chest hair be pulled - you guys rock! warmest congratulations, hope you get lots of napping in!