Thursday, May 19, 2016

Beginnings and Endings

This post will need to be short. Shorter than this news deserves. Consider it the brief version of what might turn into a longer retelling of: "The Saga of Lucina Nicole's Birth"

It's a story about Lucina Nicole.
And a story about her brave Mommy.
Her Daddy has small bits in this story too, but mainly he just hung out with Mr. Peanut. Mr. Peanut has seen some things, let me tell you!
This is where the long story must be made shorter. Mommy and Daddy were working hard to let Lucina join them the safest way for everyone involved, but after many hours of medicines and pushing and effort  Plans were changed. Alternatives were weighed. A surgery room was prepped.
Everyone was trying really hard to make sure that the brave Mommy wouldn't feel as scared as Daddy, and hoped that she could finally relax a little and let someone else work hard for a while.
Daddy knows he was there. He even took some pictures. But there was a moment he remembers the most. Mommy smiling a big smile.

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