Tuesday, April 26, 2016


   We are now on version three of this starting paragraph. Hi!
   I wanted to set up a space where Tina and I could easily post and share things with our families and friends. Local and far away. Just a quick little family resource that we can tie to our photo albums, news updates, and maybe even reflections on our impending parenthood. Parentification? Stewardship of another human.
   Obviously I have the best of intentions to keep this blog current. Some of you are already laughing. It's good to have a sense of humor! No really though, I've got some ideas about doing regular postings about... stop laughing! Okay, we'll see how things go once baby detaches from Tina and begins testing our ability to remember basic things under the effects of severe sleep deprivation. There will definitely be pictures though, and links to helpful resources we find (more as a reminder for us than to share. We have Google now, guys. We are all geniuses!), and we'll see what else.

More soon!

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